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What is the appropriateness assessment test?
What is the appropriateness assessment test?
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We have a variety of financial options available to our customers, some of which can be complex and difficult to understand. These options involve using leverage and may not accurately reflect the price changes of the markets they aim to represent, which can lead to increased losses.

To ensure that our customers can handle these complex options, we have an appropriateness test in place. It's our responsibility and a regulation requirement to evaluate your knowledge and experience in dealing with them.

The current list of complex financial options that we offer includes:

  • Fractional shares

  • Leveraged products

  • Exchange-traded products (ETPs)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this test needed?

We need to determine if our clients are suitable for trading complex financial products.

How do I complete the test?

When placing an order for a complex instrument, the test screen will appear. It can also be accessed in your portfolio tab.

What if I decide to open a position with such an instrument?

You will first need to complete the test.

Can I retry the test?

If you fail the test, you will be able to retry after 8 days. The test will be shown again when placing an order with a complex instrument. It can also be available in your portfolio tab.

Investing in securities or other financial instruments always involves the potential of losing your money. FlexInvest recommends considering your investment objectives and risks before investing. For more information, please read our Risk Disclosures Statement and our Terms & Conditions.

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