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What does it mean to invest with no commissions?
What does it mean to invest with no commissions?
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When purchasing or selling shares, brokers charge a fee called 'commission'. The amount of commission varies depending on the chosen broker, investment platform, or trading app.

Choosing a broker that offers 'commission-free investing' means that no fee will be charged for this service. This results in more of your money going towards investments instead of fees.

For example, if you invest $100 in a stock with Broker A, who offers commission-free investing, the total cost of the transaction is $100. However, if you do the same trade with Broker B, who charges a commission of $10, the cost would be $110, making you 10% behind a share purchased with Broker A.

Broker A
(No commission)

Broker B
(Commission of $10)

Cost of stock purchase






Total cost



FlexInvest is a commission-free investing platform that does not charge any fees for opening an account or conducting investment transactions. Nevertheless, costs from third parties like stock exchanges and payment providers may be included in your trades.

Also, it is important to consider that you will need to use the local currency in your investment transactions. This means that if you're buying US stocks, for instance, you may be charged a fee to exchange euros into dollars.

If you would like to know more about third-party costs, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

Investing in securities or other financial instruments always involves the potential of losing your money. FlexInvest recommends considering your investment objectives and risks before investing. For more information, please read our Risk Disclosures Statement and our Terms & Conditions.

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